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Advertising your business to people that live and work in the Yarra Valley region makes good business sense. You are reaching people that support local business and want the region to be prosperous. They understand that supporting local business works. Yarra Valley FM provides your business with access to many thousands of people living and working in the region. Whether listening at home, in the workplace, on the road or via the internet, advertising your business across the Yarra Valley with Yarra Valley FM is a marketing tool that will assist your business to grow.

As a station sponsor you can:

Whether your budget is $350 or $13,000, our Yarra Valley FM radio sales specialist can assist in tailoring a sponsorship package that meets your objectives.

Our process is simple:

  1. We discuss with you your sales objectives and confirm a budget
  2. We then suggest a campaign that will meet those objectives
  3. You confirm that you are happy with the campaign
  4. You then write a script that will run for approximately 30 seconds
  5. We get it recorded by radio professionals (or you can supply your own sponsorship audio file)
  6. The sponsorship announcement is sent to you for your approval
  7. The campaign is then put to air and you wait for the results

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For more information, please contact out Sponsorship Coordinator Karen: