As a community radio station, our service to members is free-to air. Anyone, whether they are a member or not, can listen to Yarra Valley FM 99.1. Indeed, we welcome all listeners. That's what it means to be a community radio station. So why should you pay for membership, when you can listen for free?

We are local. You hear local people presenting the music, which is often Australian; you hear local news, local community information, local weather and emergency information. You hear interviews with local people. When you phone us, you're very likely to talk directly to the on-air presenter, and can comment on the show, make a request and so on. When you listen, you won't be bombarded with commercials. We broadcast only five minutes of sponsorship messages per hour - and most sponsors offer local products of interest to you from businesses which are nearby.

If having local radio is important to you, consider becoming a member. Then every time you listen to us (or even think about us), you can have that feel-good feeling - that thanks to you, Yarra Valley FM is still broadcasting for the benefit of the whole community. And you do receive value - after all, how many organisations do you know where you can access their products at home, in the car, at work, in the garden or when out walking the dog - any time of the day or night, every day of the year?

Member Benefits

As a member, you get more than radio - you become part of the YVFM team. Your opinions about Yarra Valley FM are taken seriously and you get a vote at member meetings. Thus you can help shape the way the station develops. You elect the Committee of management and receive a member newsletter.

You can volunteer, and develop and hone your skills in all areas of station operation. Presenting a show is the most obvious of these, but there are many other jobs, from treasurer to computer technician, audio production to news gathering, desktop publishing to public relations, studio caretaker to marketing.

It takes many skills and many volunteer hours to keep a 24/7 organisation running smoothly. If you're committed, you'll get experience, training, the respect of others, the satisfaction of a job well done, and something you can add to your CV.

Age is no barrier. We have presenters in their seventies, and our youngest are in their early teens. Some of us are "challenged" in one way or another. Willingness to be involved, willingness to learn, and three hours (or more) to give each week, are the only prerequisites.

Membership Fees

Members pay an annual subscription expiring on 30 June, and renewable in July.

For a 24/7 membership, the rates are very reasonable:

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