Lara Fox


I joined the station back in January of 2018 and so far I’ve done over 150 shows. My passion is all kinds of music, movies and TV shows from all eras and I love to share what I know and discover with my audience. There are too many favourites for me to name. Best just to listen in to the show.

I currently work part time from home helping to support the sponsorship role at Yarra Valley FM.

I spend a lot of time each week delving into the best in music and screen for input to my show.

Wicked originally started as a collaboration and focussed mostly on heavier styles of music, but as time has gone on I’ve developed a wider appreciation that includes something for everybody.

My grandparents say they enjoy my show a lot better than they used to. They listen every week.

Now Wicked is mainly rock and alternative with a bit of everything thrown in. I really enjoy doing my show every week and hope to continue that into the future.

Check out Wicked’s Instagram @wickedyvfm here