Show Quality Content (alternate Saturdays 6-8pm)

What's your show about Quality Content is very chaotic and doesn't stick to just one genre. There is a bit of bedroom pop, indie, alternative, rock as well as oldies and more. I love so many artists but some of my favourite artists are probably wallows, clairo, the strokes, sticky fingers, carwash and nirvana. There is so much great music out there I feel like it would be a crime to stick to one genre!

How long involved in Yarra Valley FM Since 2020

What do you do with yourself? My favourite subject at school is probably going home haha but I do like my philosophy and media classes. I love to watch movies and shows (probably a bit too much) . Some of my favourite shows are: How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Stranger Things, Shameless and New Girl. I really enjoy attempting surfing (even though I'm very good at it). I play football and have been doing so for around 4-5 years.

Why did you join Yarra Valley FM? It's actually an interesting story, I reached out to YVFM to possibly do work experience but sadly never got a response and was going to a different station for work experience. Then out of the blue in the middle of the lockdown last year I got an email from the station asking if I was interested in joining their training program. I think they mistook me for someone else from my school but it turned out great as now I have my own fortnightly show.

What are you passionate about? I must say I am very passionate about food, I do not understand how it tastes so good. One day I want to enter a food eating competition.

What’s something weird, crazy or unique about yourself? I can do the worm. This also isn't really crazy but I have a pet dog called Keko who is basically another human in the house.